Akuma Films

AKUMA FILMS is a Vancouver film production company. It was created by filmmakers Joel H. Brewster, Tarun Keram and Mat Lo. Their purpose is to fuse originality and diversity with horror and science fiction.


An innocent sleepover becomes an nightmarish evening when two pre-teen girls summon a cryptic masked man known as Mr. Rabbity.

Meet the Cast:

Chris Walters is Mr Rabbity the man in the rabbit mask.jpg

Mr Rabbity

Meet the man behind the Rabbit Mask. Chris Walters is an amazing talent with a background in theatre and an acting education from London, England. He'll be playing Mr. Rabbity - A wrecking ball inside of a Victorian era suit, with hypnotic charm. He's the stuff of nightmares. Though he can be a luring being of delicate movements, don't be fooled! He'll become abrupt and horrifying within the blink of an eye. A frightening Cheshire cat persona of alluring temptation combined with devastating brutality.

holly burr is cara the man in the rabbit mask


Bubbly, mischievous and adorable. She's the kid your mom always warned you about. Owns a Ouija board, always chooses dare, and laughs while playing ‘Bloody Mary’. She loves that nervous feeling you get before doing something you shouldn’t.

iris truong is lucy the man in the rabbit mask


 Smart, cautious, timid and always level headed. Lucy loves Cara’s wild spirit and admires that about her best friend. But she hates looking scared in front of anyone, especially Cara. She's very inquisitive and doesn’t trust anything automatically.