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AKUMA FILMS is a Vancouver film production company. It was created by filmmakers Joel H. Brewster, Tarun Keram and Mat Lo. Their purpose is to fuse originality and diversity with horror and science fiction.

THE MAN IN THE RABBIT MASK - a new film concept and Storyhive pitch from Akuma Films

Great news everyone! We're entering this month's Storyhive competition. It's going to be awesome because it's the special Female Director Edition. We've attached horror fan, director and actress Ariel Hansen to take the directorial seat for this one. THE MAN IN THE RABBIT MASK tells the story of two pre-teen girls, who's innocent sleepover one night becomes a nightmarish evening after they summon a cryptic masked man called Mr. Rabbity.

The story is based on actual evens that occurred in 1995 as described in this newspaper article. Below is the transcription:

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MAY 2ND 2009 - MIRANDA FALLS GAZETTE - Written by Hilary J. Swan


To some, he is known as Mr. Rabbity or simply, The Man in the Rabbit Mask. A creeping mysterious figure who visits children, offering them chocolate. When he visits adults however, he delivers death. The origins of where he came from is surrounded by many conflicting tales, but some stories do have common similarities. The earliest stories involving a rabbit masked man in Miranda Falls date back to the late 1800s, when 19 children went missing over a two month period, leaving the town fearful and distrusting of strangers. The soul suspect was a masked drifter, who was never caught. Some believe he was hunted and killed by a collation of the victim’s parents.
Numerous accounts have described the Man with these characteristics: wearing a Victorian era suit, offering children chocolate in exchange for their souls, appearing after a poem is recited and disappearing into mirrors.
On November 7th 1995, Brenda Douglas stated that her daughter was visited by Mr. Rabbity, she even claimed to have seen him herself. He was described as ‘haunting, with glowing eyes behind the mask', ‘rotting skin on his hands and wearing a tattered suit’. Brenda’s daughter, Cara, and friend, Lucy, claim to have no memory of the incident or playing the game known as “Chasing the Rabbit”. Shortly after the incident, Brenda states, that both her daughter and Lucy were in a ‘hypnotic trance.' A police report was filed but not followed up with, due to lack of evidence. On that same night, Peter Loring-Smith was found dead in his townhouse, the cause of death was ruled an accident but others claim foul play was involved. Peter’s neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous, claimed he saw, ‘A rabbit-faced man’ inside Peter’s home moments before the police arrived.
The accidental death has come under much scrutiny from the community, as many believe this a clear sign of the work of the mysterious figure. The infamous urban legend of Mr. Rabbity has led to many parents throughout the town forbidding their children even saying his name.
Mrs. Janice Roker, a 3rd grade teacher at Kelly Richard Elementary, claims that the incidents involving children playing the game typically spike when rumors of Mr. Rabbity are prevalent throughout the town. In her over a decade of teaching, she often finds pictures or drawings from students involving Mr. Rabbity, a game she has forbidden in her class room.

 A rare copy of the original article.

A rare copy of the original article.

Film release - Chapter 2: Midnight Lovers

Midnight Lovers Poster

We're so pleased to present our newest short film MIDNIGHT LOVERS. We hope you are thoroughly entertained and thrilled by it! And if you are then please like and share, it's great to be a part of the Vancouver independent film community and we hope to be an even bigger part of it for the foreseeable future.

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Film release - Chapter 1: Becky

Akuma Films is proud to present, Becky, chapter 1 of our 4-part short horror film arc.  Our goal is to create an online horrorverse based on the different styles we idolized growing up. As a team, we have always loved horror and sci-fi genres which set in motion the collaborative effort to make a film world of our own. With Becky, we indulge the film trope of “being weary of beautiful strangers”, as an online date escalates to a deadly evening.

Watch the film HERE

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