Akuma Films

AKUMA FILMS is a Vancouver film production company. It was created by filmmakers Joel H. Brewster, Tarun Keram and Mat Lo. Their purpose is to fuse originality and diversity with horror and science fiction.

akuma films he sees you poster


A clairvoyant man tracking down a killer, winds up on the receiving end when a demonic entity follows him back during a remote viewing mission.



Ryder - Eddie Flake

The Demon - Fletcher Donovan

Becky - Jill Alanna Nixon

Becky's Victim - Jordan Waunch

Evelyn - MariaLuisa Alvarez

Written and Directed by - Joel H. Brewster

Produced by - Joel H. Brewster, Tarun Keram, Mat Lo

Director of Photography - Mat Lo

1st AD - Ben Gaumond

Sound Recordist - Ben Gaumond

Makeup - Nikita Kapoor

Editor - Mat Lo

Original Score by - Sasikumar. B

Production Assistant - Allison Klause

Akuma Films Logo Design by - Ali Taylor