Akuma Films

AKUMA FILMS is a Vancouver film production company. It was created by filmmakers Joel H. Brewster, Tarun Keram and Mat Lo. Their purpose is to fuse originality and diversity with horror and science fiction.


A newly engaged couple sacrifice everything in order to keep each other safe during the first days of apocalyptic event.

This is our concept and pitch material for a film that we are extrememly proud to be entering into this month's Storyhive competition! Storyhive is a western Canadian film funding competition which provides winning teams with $10,000 to produce their film.

Please enjoy our marketing material and help us to win by voting for this film at www.storyhive.com during Sept. 19-23


Starlise Aileen Checkered Blanket Film Storyhive


Under better circumstances Aileen would avoid confrontation and let you cut in front of line, or have the last piece of pizza at the buffet… This is not one of those times. While trying to survive the events of the zombie apocalypse, Aileen understands that this isn’t the same world she once knew and loved, as she's forced to shed the timid sweet persona she once cherished.

Mat Lo George Checkered Blanket film Storyhive


He was once the perfect Boy Scout. Has never had a speeding ticket or downloaded a song illegally. But now, in the face of Armageddon, George will travel any length to make sure his new fiancée stays alive.

Eddie Flake


He always saw the worst in people, even when they weren’t trying to eat him. To Devan the zombies are just meat, it's as if they never had lives before this. Absolutely nothing seems to shock him anymore.

cody sparshu


A curious zombie hunter, he’s seen hundreds of them while doing his job but still wonders about their lives before the event that changed the world.